My new "IT" but ordinary bag


Some how I feel like this bag is my currently "IT" bag for me. Strange but true, instead of some nice leather and designed bag I prefer this simple canvas bag!. How silly I am because I've changed most of the bag as I original bought it with the light orange trim and strap as well. I just don't know what I like about it but I know I hate the color. Something made me bought it and have a hight intention to change the color but didn't know how. Finally within few days I've been walking around at the all kind of material shopping place and try to find anything to replace that ugly orange! last thing I know I just try to take the trim out and I'm just realised that I'm very close to make a whole new bag and maybe that way is easier!! Finally after struggling with it for few days I got what I want!!! I should have taken the pics of it before I've changed it. So you guys can see how better it is now! Anyway I think I love it because its look casual and so practical, some time I just want to get away from same old routine even on a bag, like being a bit rebellious..even to yourself. Pin It

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