My shopping spree


Today as I had lunch appointment with mom so I went out like usual but my plan for the evening was cancel so I spent the evening time with my mom as well. We had dinner at a petite french cafe called "The Kitchen Paradiso" (we had tiger prawn with lobster source and thai style spaghett also had a great mushroom soup) We browsing as usual after that and I had a little shopping at ZARA as I didn't get any clothes I want lately. Unbelievable but true that I didnt buy any new clothes for a month I guess or its just a week but I feel that long. So first time in this long period that I found something I like (finally) which are those two tops. But for the shoes I got it from another store. Im not sure its happens to all of you guys as well? When sometimes you haven't buy any new clothes and you feel like there's nothing to wear or at least nothing new to wear I feel depressed! But today I feel cured! I just love that flats so much btw.
*Oh today I just pumped into one of the blog reader she is so stylish and thank you for poping to say Hi, but I forgot to ask her name hope to see you soon my all readers!
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  1. I really like the striped shirt and those shoes are great! Can't wait to see you wearing them.

  2. omg those shoes are gorgous, where did you get them from?

  3. The shoes is from Thai local shop called "living dolls" and its on sale with 20% discount ! and of course I will wear them soon!

  4. where is the living dolls shop! :)

  5. hi.....i love your new shoes :) its adorable!
    and ur new tops :D

  6. very cool, those shoes are tip tops!

  7. WOW..PREETY SHOES!! Where is this shop? I live in hua-hin by the way... i love your blog! :)


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