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rayban sunnies /alexander wang bag/ weekwnd market slouchy grey top


I've been gone for a while (again), such a busy month for me not only the work but also for my broken heart friend. He's not in the break up period yet but he's so paranoid about all the change between him and his partner, anyway as a friend we only take care and being a good listener that's all I can do. The rest is just lets destiny leads its way (just like my life right now). Also the reason I've been disappeared is I got a few stylist job lately so I have to running around to get cloth for the job.
Let's talk about the pic above the first one is from my bf car and we were caught in traffic so badly on wednesday evening. As always we took some pic actually I took some cool pic of him as well I will show you guys one day...Another pic is from the Mobf website which is the fashion boutique shop in bangkok which just opened with theme "The fashion rebellious" and I've featured for "DRY CLEAN ONLY" brand (the designer is so talented!) and we friend so just want to help them promote the project which I think its quite creative and freash for Thai fashion market right now. You can check out other interesting brand and all about Mobf here.
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