The new mission.


I'm working on the new project now which is the bag collection! but It's kinda difficult to get what you really want and I want to make sure that it's turn out the way I want it too be. There's lot of material and technique to seek as I'm new in the business so every new project is quite hard! But i'm pretty sure that I wont be naive for too long! wish me luck girls.
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  1. Good luck there! Would be nice to see the results later.

  2. you will be successful. GET IT IN...

  3. oooh that bag you have sketched on the right looks pretty cool. did u ever get that issey miyake bag u were lookin for?

  4. Ahh! Want it! It looks like your tag on the shirt i bought from you :) Would buy that bag if/when you make it :)


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