Live from the car park.

Here's the new stuff i got today ; alexander wang cat eye and magnet ; neon necklace. I have an eye on them quite a while and at last I got it! I really love the necklace as Im such in with the neon color lately dont know the reason its come out of no where!!!! anyway I tend to get it in more style and color! but later of course....as the next queue is the silicone necklace from EK Thongprasert (he's Thai and talented!) will show you guys when I get it. 
Back to the star of the day Wang's cat eye, I was reserved it for a month and its means I've been sleep on it for the whole month and I decide that i wont be regret to get it as I love wang myself ( of course I'm talking about his design, lol) so I want to hold it as it's quite stand out of the runway for this season. Even its quite dramatic or galactic or super hero like or smth but I still like it and even its been kept in for most of the time but this is the piece that i will always proud of every time I put it on. luuvvv it !!!!!
have a nice weekend you guys,,I will....
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  1. The necklace is totally sick, I'm addicted to neon lately!

  2. I am obsessed with the cat eye glasses too! I would really love to buy a pair... and I think I might just do it, too!! I really love this necklace. Amazing!

  3. I love the shades!



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