I'm wearing karen walker ; sunglasses
dare to love ; silk top/dress
Jogima / necklace
This is since the past thursday, I was taking Marley to the vet hes need to examine quite closely lately as he have a problem with his stomach and he havn't had a vaccine shot yet. But here at the small japanese cafe we stop by on the way to the vet we had a meal (me and my bf). Then took Marley to the doctor anyway the result came and its not very well we have to keep marley on medicine and hopefully next week he will be fine!
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  1. Sorry about Marley being sick. Good luck. My puppy had Parvovirus when she was littler. Scary stuff but she made it through just fine. I'm sure Marley will get through his as well.

  2. My puppy wasnt allowed to go outside the house for 3 months till she got 3 vaccine injections. And we were only allowed to feed her dog food with some canned dog food. Hope Marley gets better soon! So CUTE!!!!


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