top ; ZARA
rings ; 77th(index), others from the vintage shop
clutch ; ployyb newspaper clutch
Here's my new rings! I just got bored with same old new stuff! So just try to make a new mix and match (or maybe not) LOL. But to getting dress is about having fun right what's the point of being so stylish if it's not you and you look just the same with other people also you couldn't play around with youself! First time I put all these ring together I just feel like an middle east millionaire.....;) Anyway I kinda like the way it is, its so sparkle and shiny. Also if you guys notice the newspaper in my hand which actually its not but it is the new clutch which is will available at shopployy soon....Anyone who want to look sophisticate and well educated (in the ironic way of course) get it in your hand!
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