browsing in super market

maxi dress ; siam sq. by night
necklace ; Ek thongprasert

Right after we had the great shibuya toast at "After you" we continue finding some other things to do and here we are in the middle of tons of groceries, we just browsing and walking around for a while as we don't have any list for groceries. But as the time we wasted in there I just found out that there are some cute and nice stuff were hidden there! Something simple something basic but its cool. For example some sweet printed of tea boxes, or some cute little words on the bottle of water. Those things just pop up and I thought how come we miss all that? That's because sometime we are too busy to see some basic things around us, and then when your life feel empty so things like that just pop up and surprised you.
xx oh FYI we both end up with getting some chips and refreshments. xx
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