random #2

I just want to share this to you guys few days ago but keep forgetting! First is the cool candle I just got its will sound a bit strange if I say that I rub my body with the candle wax! It's so sadism right? but its not that terrible as the wax is mad of soy and vitamin E so its purely practical for your body.....and its not that hot it just feel warm and after you rub it for a while it will absorb to your skin just like normal moisturizer but it's smell...hmmm I have to say that its so awesome!!!! I bought the lotus sense and its strangely smell good,I'm addicted to it. Btw for those who want to know the candle is from "Mantra Sense",
second thing I want to share is my vintage style card holder! I don't have that many cards but who's care, I just love the way it look that's all ;). Lastly, nothing important but just like the picture (btw its just a costume for my work), maybe because I love to see the clothes hanging no matter where it is.....what a crazy person I am LOL...
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  1. Such wonderful stuff! That candle is crazy for sure. Never heard of something similar!

  2. I love nice candles! Yours looks great.SarahD:)

  3. you guys should have a chance to try it! sooooo nice.....for the very first practical candle ;)


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