The cool inspiration from the sick bed



I'm back girls! finally huh....hhh so bored on the sick bed and home all day all night can't even do the blog lovin' as I got high fever. Anyway I'm back with fully inspired (have to be actually) cuz I have to work on the currently rushing project on the roadshow on THIS COMING OCT!!!!! yes this coming october....
So for shopployy will be much slower down sorry for that but just hold your breath and of course your purse for me at the fair okay lol...;D
okay now talk about the pictures above otherwise what the point of posting it right?
few inspiration from those two girls I love the contrast but its perfect together! (just like how the marriage couple should be huh?!!?), second and third just the up and coming "IT" bag, believe me...so old fashion way of bag just like what our mom use to hold in 70's and now its back! so be prepare to be like chic granny....lol
I like those bag at first sight so here's I come....chic granny.
hermes ; constance bag
celine ; classic box bag
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