In the mood for redecorate


source ; Ikea

I know it won't be long until Ikea launch here, but clearly not soon enough. I will die for the room like this ; full of clothes, white and neutral color like this, head to toe mirror, slouchy big comfy bed and so on... I try to renovate my room and my office at the moment but first of all I have to get rid of old stuff which is not so. My mom is in operation of this mission as well and we are planing to turn one room to be "our" walk in closet (It will take long time but I'm so thrill) The thing is I don't like the set of furniture which look all the same so it will take time to find and gather up the one I like from all places. Maybe wait until Ikea is open and then let's see which progress we can make from that point! lol. In the meanwhile I will collect all little cool and nice and white stuff for killing time. ;)
"Home is where you live in not Clothes so give it a big deal (as clothes) don't look over it! " ; Mom's quote
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