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It was such an one fine day and very casual and maybe (look like shit day). But the reason I post it because it's color reminding me of Selfridges. Every Londoner have to know this retailer as it was established more than a a decade. They had a big and very remarkable the celebrations when I was there. Also many good memories with the place, loads of things to share you on this topic so, I should do the separate post dedicating to this place. Back to our main pic which I took from iberry in one working day ;) (That's explain why I looked like that lol). Here is one of my favorite place for dessert, I love the variety of ice-cream flavor including many rare fruit flavor like spicy guava, watermelon, gooseberry and so on you guys know how variety they are. Mostly when I visit there I always choose on the fruity section but heir crepe is quite good as well.

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  1. wow that place looks like they have great interiors!:)
    I love fruity flavored ice cream too!lol


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