Wonderful Friday

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Today I went to meet my mom after she finish work, we met at CTW and while I was waiting I played with this cute photo boot that stand at the entrance of the CTW (the sky walk connection) It's just stand there like its been suck from other world ;) I love the graphic I should stand next to the rabbit NOT to stand in front of it!!! Next time, it will be next time for sure! From the boots I walk a short distance and then checked at JASPAL shop and here the quote I invent today " You never know how much you will spend when you walk into the shop, when you carry a massive bag out of the store that's you shall know!" Haha that's means see how many I got from JASPAL. Will put it on and show you guys so soon ;) anyway with my mom today we just randomly into shop after shop and end up tiredly at Seefah restaurant and follow by Mango Tango for dessert. I can say we had a HAPPY day today. ;)

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