The Birkin style bag is quite all around and we never get enough about it, here they are another version that look pretty cool from the conceptual clothing and accessory line called "SLOW AND STEADY WIN THE RACE". The quote is quite true, and the brand is superb about their ideas, design and price!!!!! Yes its not unreachable like some other conceptual brand as their commitment is to provide people a well designed product with a friendly price ;) That's sound like a freindly brand Huh??? 
Not only the bag that amazing but the brand also come up with a variety range of products like sunglasses which is so extraordinary but still accessible to all (like they promised). By the way I believe the bag is sold out maybe some red color left in the market, google it if you want and its called 4 sided retangular bag. Great idea isn't it when you can carry them at any side you want lol.

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