pleats skirt ; JASPAL
knitting top ; JASPAL
sunglasses ; JASPAL
feather earring ; P/B

After the perfect meal from downstair we went up for some relaxing moment before we checking out (unfortunately we just have one night free). So I though I should use the jacuzzi in the room one more time before we say goodbye. So I was soak in there quite a big while reading my magazine so I can say it was a little perfect moment of my life. I was playing with my camera and my sunglasses that I brought over necessity. My ipod is playing my favorite chill out playlist from the hotel speaker which you can bring it outside just by the pool so you will feel like you were surrounding by the song you love in the jacuzzi with the sea and horizon right in front of you, imagine the moment it was perfect! As the kindness from hotel reception they postpone out check out time a bit so we used it worth for every minutes. And now up from the private pool I move to soak myself in a bath tub a bit before taking shower. I used lavender bath salt that hotel provide us and it just felt soooo goooodddd. Now after a long and few soaking wet and all shower I was ready for another short trip before we heading back to the city.

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