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I'm more like stuck in the Alcatraz with Marley, my frenchbulldog. Normally he's not live with me but as his regular owner away for business trip for two weeks so he's now my 24/7 little monster. So after stuck with him for a week now so I try to find the way to kill my boredom and that's when I'm addicted to Instagram app in Iphone. I took a lot of picture and post in the app also some of me and Marley picture can make it to popular page!!!! with about 240like that's hugh for me. But for my Liberty Love shop fans won't be bored like me I'm guarantee as the new stuffs fly over here via air mail (check out our new cat eye sunglasses) and P/B new arrivals ;) so plenty of time to take pic and work in my house. Follow me via Instagram app by searching for @ployyb ;) See you in there.



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