Today is the MET day, museum which every one who visit new york must come I guess. I'm not the big fan of the museum much I'm more interested in the contemporary art or new artist. But turn out the MET have this section too. I quickly passed the historical room. More time in the painting section to see all the famous artist of all time such as Vicent Van Gogh , Pablo Picasso , Claude Monet and more. But the part of the museum that I love the most seem to be the british born artist name James Nares, "STREET" is his work is the centrepiece of the exhibition. Its a video of people in the New York street which he took this one hour steady continuos motion with the high definition camera. The video make you feel like you are floating on the street of New York with the time that slowly pass by. I love his piece so much glad to be here now.
And yes same as first day I arrived I'm still enjoy watching people including in their museum time. I love to observe all of them how their react to the information in front of them. Some walked fast and some were so slow and took a very good look on the caption. Everyone has their own room for their interest maybe historical, classical art, pop art and more.  But after all I enjoy!

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