PART 2.5










A little trip in the evening right before the sunset. I was wafering around at the famous tourist spot of Khaoyai "Palio" in the other term is mini italian walking street. The place was built to imitate Italian town, little shop is open including cafe and tea room. Perfect spot for some afternoon break during the day. That day I choose cafe and having some coffee only to breath all the Italian feeling in during the sip. The place not so big so we can finish all the walk in less that an hour, its depend on how fast you walk and how many stop you make for window shopping. One small vintage shop located down the little ally is so fascinating all the European style vintage stuffs from clothe and bags to china plates are all there. If only I have more place in my house to fit it all in I would buy them all! After that we head to some place for dinner and then back to the hotel for midnight swim and had a full night sleep. 
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