My little office for the petite collection.

Here's my small office/desk/bed or whatever i turn it to be. Lately im working on my small first project or collection but as i haven't fix the name of the brand yet so it can't be collection right? So for now let's call this my project! In this blog which gonna memo every things about the brand that im setting it up....and hopefully it will turn out fine and this would be the perfect history of the brand. There are quite a lot options for the name of the brand but i would like to keep it about me so im decide to use my actual name however there are still got lot of choices to choose for such as, my nick name, full name or both of them. So leave for now because i really want to start working with my project. I start sending some fabrics to my seamstress and im so glad to see one of them turn out find but its not fully finish yet as i have to add some details in it!You will see that stripy top which is the one im talking about.
my messy office
The very first unfinished piece
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