Attention please!

Hi everyone as there are some problems occurred to my photobucket account so most of the pics in my blog will be unable to appear but as it said in the e-mail that they've sent me everything will turn back to normal by 6th. So sorry for the new visiter of my blog that you couldn't see my older post's picture but it won't be long. Pin It


  1. Hi darling... I follow you on chictopia...I love your style...I love all your outfits!!! You're wooonderfull!!! Now...i became a readers of your blog :-)

  2. Hi there, managed to chance upon your blog today for the first time! Am glad the photos will be up again on the 6th, think it's easier for me to view them here on your blog. All the best for your first collection to be all worked out and successful though! Am always loving the Thailand fashion :> Way to go!!!

  3. thank you guys, bear with me a bit hopefully my photobucket will be back to normal as they said....but keep following I will try to make it more and more interesting for you guys.

  4. Hi I found your blog through Lookbook.
    You posted some great outfits there, I'll be back on your blog to see if your photos work then.
    X, fashionnerdic.


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