my new skirt.


This is my new skirt and its become my favorite since the first time I saw it. To get this one is not easy but since I was in London couple months ago I saw this skirt in topshop so many times but every times I saw it there were only left in large size and damaged (you guys know that the feather is so fragile) So I never got them. Funny enough I got it when I'm in Thailand, one day I just browsing Topshop website and saw it so I contact my friend to get it for me and she did. And just last week that she flew back to Bangkok so I got it and love it so much.......even there are few occasions that I can wear this skirt but I never feel regret because its such a ab-fav skirt so Im lucky to have it!
by the way that's my favorite bag as well. This is the bag that I took least time to think I remembered when I first saw them on the internet holding by some Thai celebrity so I search for it and found it then I search for the shop in london and I went there immediately, thank for my boyfriend for his understanding and support. I saw this color but when I arrived at the shop the assistance told me that there are no silver left I felt so bad because I came for it. How nice of one assistant she said she will check for me then she took a while and running down the stairs and running back with this bag in her hand,I still remember how happy I am and I paid without any second thought!!!!! I feel like I'm full filled by that bag.
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  1. Seeing that skirt laying there, it looks frightening and unwearable but seeing it on you it looks amazing and just right!
    I too love that bag of yours. What a lucky find!
    I would like to see photos of your closet and home.

  2. wow thank you and about my home I will upload it for you guys soon but sometimes the rest of the house might not as interesting as that little corner lol.

  3. such a fun skirt! and i love love love the bag!

  4. the skirt! j'adore la jupe!! très fashion. :) it reminds me of Carrie in Sex and The City.

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