My V present....


I got this clutch and card as a V day gift...I'm so in love with it and with my beloved bf. I've been thinking for this clutch quite a while ,I've been back to the shop several time but never dare to buy it and one day when I went back with my mom the owner said "It's gone" But I never thought it gone "FOR ME". He made a pact with the owner as he know me so the owner will keep me from buying my own Valentine gift! and ruin the surprise!! Such a impressive Valentine day for me....
(FYI....I couldn't manage to get anything for him, im so mean I know but I will let him choose any sunnies for himself as he's into super retro sunnies lately)So my gift for him is coming and will show you guys for sure.... :) Hope you all have a great love life
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  1. That card is so cute of the two of you. And it's so great that your guy would buy a bag for you. Mine won't let me buy anymore!

  2. Oh my God! Your man has goood taste! Both in the clutch and ahem, a hell of a dresser as you!

    Saw you on Lookbook and stalked you here. Much much admiration from India! :)

  3. It's very cool! I love that it's shiny.

  4. hi ya! I'm mix blood with thai! But mine is @ phayao ! not bangkok hahah!

  5. Awww that's so sweet of your boyfriend :)


  6. How sweet! I saw you on lookbook and now I'm in love with your blog! From New York, xoxo


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