London memories part1

first trip with new friends we become housemates and now very best friend!

London Fashion week ; first year for me and Taddy (another best friends I got there)

on Halloween night at Beach Blanket Babylon ;Notthing hills

summer time with old friends from Thailand (gam&p'buay)

This post is for myself actually, as I'm not a blogger since I was in London (unfortunately)
so I'm thinking, I should do some post about it to keep all good and bad memories here.
More than anything I miss London so badly and wish to go back there everyday. Its a best 2 and a half year of my life
I met good peoples got lost of good friends and I have a good and fun job.
But in the same time the worst time is included (That's when I lost my grandmother). The pic is not
categorize yet as I dig it from the old unorganized file I got here, I tend to post more scenery and
some of other things but like I said Im not a blogger so the pic might be a bit lame and just
me and my friends and me me me...be patient with me I will try to dig out some good pic of London for you.
Hope all this action will help me from missing London so badly.
miss you LONDON

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  1. yummy! Love your sunglasses!


  2. hahah you caught me with the delicious burgers!! Hahaha beautiful pictures! One word, following! I would love it if you would follow mine too!

    Love from,


  3. I love this post !!!
    P'Ploy .. im gonna go to London on May next year for studying in master degree. Hope i will get lots of good memories like you :)
    Woooooo ! xxx


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