The London things I miss.....

#1 Snog frozen yogurt
It's really good for this one I'm really like it and its not so special we got lost of similar one in Thailand But you have to admit that we are not only use frozen yogurt but we are also use the frozen fruit!!! Its so much better when its come with the fresh and juicy fruits..strawberry, blackberry, black-current, Kiwi and so on. My favorite store is at SOHO as because its close to my workplace I will tell you next time where I work ;)

   lm22             lm19
#2 magainzes
I have to start with this topic really! Because magazines are my long time best friends who keep me accompany in any journal no matter short or long distance, wait up with me in every boring situation mostly is traffic. But when I'm there the freedom of buying magazine just so much fun as mostly when I'm in Thailand all international magazines are so expensive and you are really have to be certain that this issue will be worth money. In london the price compare to the living cost is not a big deal so I also grab all mags I love every month UK issue, US issue I get it all !!! more over they also have a weekly mags which report new stuff on the high street store which can be considered as a very useful tools for all fashionista and shopaholic! (like up above pic "LOOK" and "GRAZIA"(my favorite!)

#3 the refreshment
The second one is the Innocent smoothie! (my fav flavor is mango and passion fruit) Which my friends always complain that its smell so wired but its really healthy and so good for refreshing;) actually there's another fav refreshment which is "matcha chiller" from "eat cafe" ,literally its just a blended green tea latte but I don't know somehow its different!(this one all my friends are agree with me and turning to be their favorite beverage in no time)


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