now the things I missed!!!!



First time that I heard they will launch H&M home I feel so sad that I back here to soon...;( I'm also obsess with all the home decoration stuffs as well as clothes! It's true that they have Ikea, Zara Home or The white company but I have to admit that I'm so thrill when I know that you can not only wear H&M but you are also literally live with it or sleep on it!!! And I even more regrets when I saw all these stuffs that I couldn't get, If I'm there I will get them all!!!!!! Aren't they look so cool with the words mat, and illustrate guest towels.  
I'm also believe every women should take care not only how they look when they out but also care how they live when they home! stylish people is not just fancy dressing person but its about every little things in your life which sometime it might not be seen by others...but as my mom said style is things you couldn't put on but truly style shows inside out...
Don't be too shallow.....
(one more things I missed, the huge one is coming next post!)
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