Heaven on Earth




My bed is always my place that I'm thinking of the most during the exhausted day actually sometimes on a very ordinary day! I sleep alone on this queen size bed, I love too be surrounded by pillows like there were at least six people sleep on it! I got the very extra big pillow just last year but I'd never sleep on the normal size pillow again, it's so comfy and out me in a very good deep sleep. The pillows is the hotel pillows (you can imagine how happy sleep you had at the hotel) The very big and fluffy pillow that make your sleep even more like a heaven! I bought it for all my folks and my grandparents as well and they all love it even my grandmother said that she never sleep well like this on any pillow before!!! It's not exaggerate, its true indeed. But the pillow in the pics above is not the one I'm talking about, Its the latest pillow on my bed an aroma pillow from KARMA KARMET. I love the very organic look of it also the small sachet bag (with orange blossom scent) inside, make the pillow scented! I feel so good to have it in my bed so my bed and my room started to have a soft orange blossom scent feel sooooo goooooddd. Now my bed is more like a cloud 9, I experience heaven everyday.

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