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Today it was such an easy day for me, not that relaxing day because I've been calling the manufacturer all morning and did some draft of new tee screen, then ordered 2 new style of P/B clothing to the makers, which I set my hope very high that they will finish it soon or at least by the deadline. So It's been more like a working day than easy day as I said earlier. But the words easy didn't means "my task" but it means "my outfit". Still shock with the supper hot weather today couldn't think of anything comfy enough to wear and at the same timeappropriate for the city! As the only outfit I can think of today is "bikini". In opposite I put on maxi dress today to avoid my legs getting darker during summer! So here we are easy and comfy outfit with no make up.
The day ends with dinner at SOM TUM NUA ; ka set na wa min branch with my bf and follow up by dessert in the cabin-like bakery space (called Ying Deaw bakery) which also located in the restaurant. The cabin is look like it's snowing outside as the decoration is all have western sense. I love both of the environment and dessert here of course. This place will make you feel like you are in someone's country house and let's imagine for a seconds that.... it's your ;)

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