Sorry for the lost of posting, but from where I am right now not quite good with the internet connection. I have to use my iphone sharing internet to my laptop. That's quite difficult for me if you ask! But some day just only to download the picture take many hours, then I fell asleep while waiting. I gave up so many times and decided to live close to nature just as the nature force me to. But in the long term I think I should back to blogging again before all of you were gone! And here is a bit of my life down here. Nothing much just nature and me and family, which sometimes its good to be like this once in a while except when you think about your house flooding in bkk and the cleaning up after the flood gone. Apart of that the trip is quite good for family quality time. I spent a lot of time with my sister and brother, after they move out we have been a bit disconnected but here now we all reunite and have some fun together. Some of old school entertainer help us killing time here like the little comedy book we read and laugh to each others. And one time we came in to town and bought some kid detective book just an easy questions but we find out that sometimes to be a grow up make me think more and tend to use less imagination so even the question is for the kids but its not easy for the big thinker people like us! So after we try to think based on just what we saw then we can solve the problem easily.
I should call for the day just here, anyway hope you still stick with me and will update my evacuation trip again soon. Wait and see my beach trip here, its so fun and relaxing, actually this trip is not so bad after all ;D


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