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my evacuation gears

As many of you may know about the flood situation in thailand I have to say that its really bad this time. First time of my life as a city girl that I have to evacuated myself and my family to another part of Thailand to avoid the situation. This is quite a big family reunion but without any plan in advance also many of 'bangkokers" try to escape too so it was very difficult to get the place to stay without any certain leaving date! So my family decided to go to "Trad" (eastern part of Thailand), my family got a land and farm here so we got a place to stay (after more than 10years  absence). But its quite good to be back to refresh our old  memories. The life here of course not fancy and convenient like staying in the big city like Bangkok, but we got no choice and to be honest I think this is quite like an unavoidable vacation! lol.  I will try to update my blog as much as possible but as the internet connection here is so bad therefore sometime I just can't upload that often as I want to. 
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