It's my first time in Seoul and thank to my dear flight attendance friend (and also neighbor) for being my guide for a whole long day. First time we arrive I stopped at the "Paris baguette" bistro in the Incheon international airport to fill my not so empty stomach before we leaving the suburban area to midtown. The first day weather is quite awful and turn to terrible by the evening because it was rain all day until at night and it keep raining harder and harder. My shoes is not so ready I drag my topshop supper soft ballet flat with me because it's so comfy and perfect for 5 hours flight. But the shoes was not good for heavy rain at all pool you my little flats. Right after that we check in at the hotel and went out right after that for a walk in town.




After a bit of walking we decided to have a sit down supper together as it was still raining outside, it was a good idea to have a break with the local style chicken stew dish! (big one) as you can see. There were 3 people sharing this meal and we couldn't empty the dish it way to big for us. After the meal our energy is back again.


It was one good things about raining which is we had to stop and find some shelter everytime the rain start pouring so heavy and this time we had dessert. The big bow of "Pingsu" at the cafe again the size of it was enormous! but so yummy and fresh. One thing I love about korea is you can shop 24 hours! thats kind of non-stop I want ;) but it will take a lot of energy to do so. Of couse I wasn't let the time fly by I had a night out and hunting for good stuffs since the first night. I ended up at the hotel around 5am in the morning how crazy it is?!? hahaha



Of course my night time snack would be from the convenient store! that was so easy and full of choices. That's how my first day in Seoul, it worth every minutes.
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