bra bra bra

bra bra bra

bra bra bra by ployyb featuring boy short panties

One of the best things to be a women is "Lingerie". I grow up with the idea that "to be a women you have to be from inside out." my mom once said. She always taught me that inner wear is one thing we should care about in order to dress up perfectly. No matter what style you are but the underwear that go along with the outfit will make the outfit! Don't wear the old underwear is one main rules of my mom. Accident can happens in anytime, you never know so don't embarrass yourself with the grunge underwear. And in opposite good underwear can support the dress you wear, such as trim less with the fit to body outfit, light color underwear with the light color dress. Few rules that I always keep in mind. And here I am, thanks to mom now I'm an lingeries addicted, I buy more than I need it. and it keep me happy just to see it. All above is in my dream list.....they all nice but hey it's too much for lingeries I know just see it right here I'm happy now. ;)
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