DAY 8.1













It was all about the money that day. We visited on of the most well-know street in New York " Wall Street". I'm not keen on it much but my companion was pretty much excited! Of course we went to see the real "Charging Bull" and tried to squeezed in for the picture with it, I can say that this is one of the tourist spot in New York. I glad we had brunch at some japanese fast food which I had some beef with rice and it was so delicious with the very reasonable price. We were touring around that area for a bit while and I remembered the silence and police men were all over the place which I just found out later that afternoon there was a bomb at Boston, sadly. Somehow that day we walked in the trinity church which is locate in the area, quite a nice and big church I can feel the peace even we are in the middle of the currency flowing street. Late that afternoon we went to mine spot! thats mean the shopping place. This one was in my list, top of it actually. The opening ceremony is one of the shop I want to visit. The place didn't let me down I feel like I'm Alice in the wonder land, everything looked so amazing and I wanted to have it all (which in the real world I couldn't). Enjoyed browsing around in the store and then left to the Soho and then ST. Mark for the dinner at Yakitori place. 

twelve days to go for my NYC trip journey hope you can bear with me until the end ;)

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