DAY 16










We woke up so so early today to catch the bus to the Woodbury outlet. Since we've been here we quite not have a chance to see morning life in New York. So today we enjoy the morning in New York. The people on the street in the morning are different from afternoon people. The way they dress and the way they all carry a cup of coffee in their hands. The determent on their face to reach the office on time. I can feel the rush in every corner of the building. Sure that its not different from other big city around the world but the morning in New York has it's own charms. The yellow cap trapped at the junctions, dark tone suite everywhere, hot pretzel on the pavement. I love to see it but of course hate to be in it (in any morning rush routine). Luckily we can just stay put on the bus and let it take us to the outlet for shopping, Life can be so ironic sometimes.
At the outlet I didn't get much shopping as we choose only 2 hours tour as we don't want to spend too much time here. And also we have booked the play in the evening so we have to get back early. The outlet is really big and plenty of shop they but we literally just walk around do window shopping and some shop we went in for browsing. I only got one crop and hot pants from American Apparel and the strawberry with chocolate dip which is very yummy and practically make my day. By the way the weather today is very cold with the light rain. We got back and we decided to got back home to put all stuffs down and then get out to Broadway. We choose the Spiderman as we don't enjoy any drama style and this show is vey very very stunning and so much fun. It's better than I expected!!! sadly we got back soon or we would try to see more broadway shows if we have time. Today ends with all the adrenaline....we are happy.

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